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Each year, the National Celebrations Commission strives to highlight Belize’s rich and unique cultural heritage in the numerous events that are planned to commemorate our national celebrations. One such event is the National Song Competition which was created to provide professional and amateur musicians with the opportunity to create and showcase their original pieces. The goal of the competition is to promote artistic expression, nationalistic pride and Belize’s diverse culture.
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The National Song competition is comprised of three categories:
· Category 1: The Belize Song competition
· Category 2: The Carnival Song competition
· Category 3: The Junior Song competition

The songs that are selected as the Country’s best Belize Song and Carnival Song will be used by the National Celebrations Commission throughout the September celebrations and the remainder of the year. The sections that follow outline the rules and regulations for the two categories of the National Song Competition, the Belize Song and the Carnival Song Competition in the Junior and Senior Division.