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Contestants must be nationals of Belize.
Artistes/ Contestants could enter the competition as a solo, duet or group act.
The organizers, judges and their families are not eligible to enter the contest.
For Patriotic Song Topics can focus on St Georgeís Caye day and/or Belizeís Independence and instill patriotism and a sense of national pride.
In addition, the song should be one that is memorable
Songs should be able to stimulate the audience to sing along and/or to dance to its catchy beats.
Songs must be original and never before entered into competition in Belize
Songs can be in any language but each entry must be accompanied by its English translation.
Entry packages must include a lyrics sheet and an audio recording for each song.
Each entry must include:
A: Completed entry form with original signature. (photo-copied form accepted)
     B: CD containing one (1) song only, four (5) minutes or less in duration.
     C: Typed-written Lyric Sheet
Once submitted, tapes, CDs and lyrics sheet becomes the property of the National Celebrations Commission.
The preliminary stage is determined by the submission of properly produced CDís which will be circulated on local media to play according to submission.
9 semi-finalist from the seniors, and 6 semi-finalists from the juniors will be selected by the committees and will be required to perform LIVE renditions at the finals.
Songs making it to the semi-finals will be uploaded onto the National Celebrations Commission website at which point the general public will be able to listen to all the songs and then vote for their favorite song.
Songs must not be longer than five (5) minutes.
All Performers will perform at the Finals with a Live Band.
Note: Management reserves the right to amend the rules of the National Song Competition to further benefit the development of the Music Industry in Belize.
Rules and Regulations